New LPS website goes LIVE!

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to LPS!

Welcome to our new Lawton Public Schools website!

We are excited to roll out more than two dozen webpages reflecting each district location, all of which have been designed and formatted by LPS educators and technicians in collaboration with Apptegy school communication services this year.

This new and user-friendly site will provide parents and teachers with the most up-to-date news and information on local schools, operating as a one-stop, digital go-to for all things LPS!

To Navigate

The homepage of – our district’s main page – is divided into three sections horizontally, reflecting the layout of all other pages within the domain.

The first, or “top,” section provides two drop down menus on the upper-left and upper-right sides of the screen: “Menu” and “Schools.” By selecting “menu,” a user can find a site’s live feed (social media accounts and postings), staff directories, district news or site events, cafeteria information, parent and student notices, public documents, LPS or school history, Board of Education and departmental information.

By selecting “schools,” a user will be prompted to choose which school or LPS site he or she would like to learn more about. Most of the “menu” choices on school pages will pertain directly to said school. There will also be a “Quick Links” option made available on school page menus that will contain items such as school report cards and supply lists.

The second, or “middle,” section of the page will provide newsworthy reads and “live feed” updates. The Lawton Public Schools live feed publishes any significant school or district notifications, and is linked with the district or chosen school’s social media accounts.

The third, or “lower,” section of the page provides an event calendar, contact information, social media links and application download links. It also highlights sections available that may have been missed on other portions of the page, such as documents, news and cafeteria information.

Contact and Feedback

Lawton Public Schools seeks to progress and improve in all facets. This goal is achieved more efficiently with your help! Please let us know if you encounter any issues navigating the new website, or wish to see information that has not been posted. You can do this by emailing and providing details regarding your issue or request.